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How to Find Out What WordPress Theme & Plugins A Site Using

Have ever you wondered which WordPress theme and plugins a site using ? Sometimes we peoples especially blogger got impressed by someone else WordPress theme that they are using on their blog while visiting them then in meantime we search the name of their awesome theme and I think its difficult task to find out either you would ask to admin using comments or may you search in their source code but you wouldn’t. It’s fact that awesome theme is not free of cost rather than if you found it somewhere , somehow free but one of the most problem occurs in free premium themes that is actually Css errors.

Believe me if you have some experience or know basics understanding of Html , Php and Css then you may fix this issue very easily and thus success to grab premium themes as a free. Today in this post you will become to know that how to know or find out WordPress theme name and wp plugins that other site being  running on their blog . You will not only know their WordPress theme name but also you will be able to know each of plugins and widgets that the site uses . The sahifa theme that is currently active on our site right now, actually I got this theme very sorely because first time  when I like the design of this theme at few other blog then suddenly I decide to get this theme whatever it be .

So when I started searching to get this theme first I search the name of it that what is the name of this theme so it’s took long time while searching finally I found the way through which you can easily find out other WordPress themes name as well as plugins that a site using .

★ 2 ways to find out what WordPress theme a site using

I am going to show you two simple ways that will help and allow you to find out what WordPress theme is that awesome site using .


WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a site

Simply enter a site URL that used WordPress platform at wpthemedetector search box and hit enter . The tool will analyze it for you and display all the information and details about theme and plugins being used by site and more ..

wp theme detector


What WordPress Theme Is That is a free online tool that allows you to easily detect what WordPress theme a site uses ( including parent and child themes ). Additionally , it will also direct what WordPress plugins are being used .

Simply method are same just enter your desire URL of WordPress site and hit enter , after analyzing it will display the whole information about site that what theme is that and what plugins being used a site and much more ..

I hope these steps will allow you to find out what theme a site uses and finally if you found this post helpful then please do a favour by subscribing us via email and share this post along with your friends thanks keep visiting

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