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Features Of The Alexa Basic Plan Full Story 2016

Alexa is an company which is based on Web traffic data . It is same as compared to the Google Analytic . To read full Wikipedia of click Alexa Wikipedia . So our today post is about review of alexa Basic plan that ” what is hidden inside of alexa Basic plane ? There is different plans and pricing they offer but all plans are premium and determined you about your site analytics . So there may some people who doesn’t afford to subscribe premium plans for their site and may be some people will afford it .

I already subscribed alexa Basic plan worth of $ 9.99 /month before 1 month ago and that time they gave me one complete extra month and now they offer just first 7 days free instead of 30 days . But somehow here we are going to discuss on alexa Basic plan features that they provide after subscription . Along with basic plan you will be able to assess every second , hour , week and month of your site that how’s their performance is going on . I’m feeling very excited when every morning I looking out my site performance that is going up daily with the help of my Almighty Allah . So following is the basic features of alexa Basic plane .

☆ Features of the Alexa Basic plan 

When you buy basic plan of alexa for your site then you are probably able to view the following features that alexa provided you in basic plan .

  • Overview
  • Performance
  • Uptime
  • Search
  • Social
  • Link
  • Direct
  • Engagement
  • Subdomians
  • Mobile
  • Top content
  • Location

☆ Overview : In overview page you will see highlights of all existing features in sequence for example if first feature is performance the next will be uptime feature like above list .

☆ Performance : In this page you will see performance of your site in each single tab among Unique Visitors , Visit and Pageviews in the shape of graph . You can see your site performance in graph by date range as well as you will be able to view today , yesterday and last 28 days record also .


☆ Uptime : The time that each user spend on your site and in this page you will be able to view the total duration of your site got from all user .

☆ Search : This is really interesting page I ever saw in alexa Basic plan . You can see in this page the graph of search referrals as well as you will be able to select your desire date range .

☆ Social : In this page you will be able to see your hard work that you does at social media or may be your user done it for you . Actually you will see graph of social referrals that’s they count each referrals from every social media networks like Facebook , Google and Twitter etc .


☆ Link : In this page you will see list of those websites from which the user come to your site by link referral shown In graph . You can view the graph by date range as well .


Direct : In this page you will be able to saw the number of daily direct entries to your site in the form of graph . You can also view by date range as well.

☆ Engagement : In this page you will be able to see different and interesting task . You will see bounce rate in percent , Pageviews/visit and Minutes/Visit in the form of graph . For example they will show you both Pageviews and visit competition in line shown in graph .


☆ Subdomians : The website which middle name is acoiciated with your domain name is called Subdomians like ( ) is best example of our site Subdomian . If you have some Subdomian and receiving some traffics then they also show you Pageviews of your Subdomian site.

☆ Mobile : This is yet another amazing feature and they let you know that from which mobile platforms you receive most of traffics to your site shown in graph . Among them iOS , Symbian , Blackberry, Windows, Android and other . You can also select and view by date range as well.

☆ Top Content : If you have a lot of content in your site and don’t know which topic is most famous and Pageviews is high instead of other then in this page you will be see those top content along with bounce rate , Pageviews and change percentage . You can view it by date range as well .

☆ Location : In this page you will be able to see your site traffics from country wise . There is interesting world map on this page which will let you know each country map filled with different colours by which most traffics received by each single country will have filled with spanking colour. And below at this page you will be able to see list of countries along with visits and percent of visits . Most visitor from each countries is ranked in sequence for example right now my site most visitor is from Pakistan so therefore they gain first position In list . And you can also view it by date range as well .e

So this is the main features of alexa Basic plane which is really awesome and more interesting . They let you know very interesting performance of your site and you can also watch your competitors site performance as well I think there is some feature in this basic plan that will allow you to check other websites performance like I can see my competitor site each single backlink that they got link from other site . So there is many other fantastic feature may I forget to shared it with you so to know all features you must watch video for guide everything comes in it .

I hope after reading this post you got it . Now what can need to do just share this post along with your friends because sharing is caring and doesn’t  still understood on it please leave me comment here by using comment form below . Thanks 🙂

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