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How To Do Factory Reset on Android Phone or Tablet 2016-17

Today I,m going to show you how to perform factory reset on  android devices whether its a smartphone or tablet and you can easily wiped your device. You know what, a lot of friends of mine asking me same question again and again that how to reset my android phone or tablet ? Then honestly I tell him give me your device to do, after resetting the phone they bring me same device once again back after month or some days which is really annoying. This becomes headache for me sometimes and think to wrote down the steps so therefore they will perform factory reset by himself.

There is nothing difficult in  factory data resetting on android devices just all you have to do is to spare some minutes to learn simple steps and you will never ask someone for help.

Before showing you easy peasy steps, Let know why android users want to clean or wipe their phones or tablets ?

Why to Do Factory Reset on Android ?

There are various reasons behind cleaning up/resetting an android devices. I still remember some of my friends believe that they can get rid from viruses and bugs after doing factory data reset option and even I use to reset my mobile when its start hanging / crashing apps or slow down the performance of device at all.  This is happen when we install a lot of heavy apps and games on our devices then suddenly we realized their could be viruses which slow down our mobile performance. Sometimes we insert  fully loaded external Sd card which may have contains musics, videos and unknown files could harms our device thus makes it very slow. Nobody wants a slow & lazy smartphone while having fast processor and large memory storage on it therefore they use option of factory reset which is useful to clean up your phone and erase all those viruses/bugs from device.  There are many other reasons behind but those are common and people use factory reset for this purpose. Now let me show you how to do factory reset your galaxy devices.

5 Steps To Do  Factory Reset on Android

  1. Turn on your device and go to Menu > Setting.
  2. According to your device model, find Backup & Reset option under General tab. (This option may be different in your model version)
  3. In Backup & Reset menu, there are three different option Back up my data, Backup account and Automatic restore.
  4. Now its up-to you which option would you like to use or not. Then simply hit Factory data reset.
  5. Tap the Reset device button at the bottom of screen and all data will be erased from device memory, including your Google account, Apps, Games, Gallery items, downloaded files and application etc.

You are almost done ! Your device will be automatically turned off during rebooting process and it may takes 5 minutes or more to show start up screen. Keep in mind that you will lose all data on your device memory including Accounts and personal data.

Once your device has been successfully wiped/rebooted and start showing screen, then set all the recommended things like Time & Data, Samsung Account and Gmail Account etc.

This is how the simplest way to perform factory  reset on android devices. Remember, this method works on all android smartphones and tablets. Finally I would like to say if you found this post helpful then please do a favor by subscribing newsletter and let me know if you have any queries related to this.

Thank you for your precious time you did spent here.

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