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Some Necessary Steps to Prepare C Program for Execution

As previously we talked about Characteristics And History of C Language , similarly back to back posts today here I’m going to share you that some necessary steps that are taken to prepare a C program for execution . No one can learn full C and C++ languages fully and easily but it is possible just you need to do hard work . Without hard work you can get nothing but here we are lead to forward in C language step by step in each posts . Just need you focus and try lot of time while practising so following is the necessary steps to prepare C program for execution .

★ How to Prepare a C program for Execution

Different steps are as follows :

1) Creating and Editing a C Program
The first step is to create and edit a new program . It includes writing,  modifying and deleting program statement . Most C compilers provide a text editor for writing source code of C program.

2) Saving a C Program 
The process of storing the program on disk is known as saving . The F2 command is used to save a C program . The C program is saved with .C extension .

3) Compiling a C Program 
A compiler convert a source program into object program and saves it in a separate file . The object program is saved with .obj extension . Alt +F9 command is used to complete the C program .

4) Linking a C Program 
The process of linking files with object program is known as linking . A library file must be linked with the object file before execution of program . A program that combines the object program with additional library files as known as linker . A new file is created with .exe extension if the process of linking is successful . This file is known as executable file .

5) Executing a C Program 
The process of running an executable file is known as executing . The C program can be executed after compiling and linking . A program that places an executable file in the memory is known as loader . The program can be loaded in the memory by selecting Run from the menu bar or pressing Ctrl + F9 .

A Few Commands

  • F2                Save
  • F3                 Open
  • Alt + F9        Compile
  • Ctrl + F9       Run
  • F9                  Make

So this is some steps to prepare C program for execution and at the end please do a favour by subscribing us and share this post along with your friends at your favourite social media Thanks 🙂

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