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5 Best English Dictionary Apps for Android 2016

Are you one of them who normally speaks Urdu and Hindi in everyday life ? Of course, inhabitants of South Asian countries especially Pakistani people’s used to speak Urdu language. Urdu language is a mother tongue of every Pakistani but today every second person want to learn English language because it’s international business language.

But unfortunately we people face a lot of struggles like we don’t know the exact meaning of words , don’t know how to make use of terms, even can’t spell the words etc. And English contains thousands of words which is impossible to learn  all these words. Even native speakers struggles with difficult words while speaking , so what about those who are newbies and you want to know meaning of English words in real urdu font.

Ok, there are numbers of english dictionary for android users which translate your English desired words into real urdu fonts. Now I’m going to show you list of English to urdu & urdu to English dictionary along with complete sentences to translate in any language to one another. This list is not only helpful to urdu speakers rather than also helpful for Indian , Asian people’s . Or you can say it’s a English-Hindi dictionary , Indian dictionary , Pakistan Dictionary and Asian Dictionary.

urdu english dictionary

The good news is these dictionaries also have feature of complete offline English to urdu trainer. So whether  you need to translate meaning of English words then you can simply search out offline in real urdu or Hindi font even if you are not accessible to Internet.

★ English Urdu Dictionary Free

English Urdu Dictionary Free is the most popular dictionary which has more than 40000 words. It has many features including words pronunciation , text optimization option, offline dictionary and bookmark feature etc. There is no words to define that app, however million of user across the world downloaded this dictionary from Google play store & still counting. That’s why I mention it first in my favorite list.

urdu english dictionary

★ Urdu English Dictionary

The most largest hub of urdu English terms contains nearly half million of words. If you are looking for offline English to urdu dictionary , then you are on right spot. Download this dictionary today and enjoy learning meaning of English terms in real urdu. Thousand more users already downloaded this app why you not? Go and grab that from play store today !

★ English to Urdu Dictionary

You know what ! English is become fun to learn these days and it’s the language which the world understand easily. To learn English vocabulary and any difficult words in real urdu, I suggest you to make use of English to urdu dictionary app in your mobile. It’s has also many features , some of them are it’s work offline and you can  play sound to hear word pronunciation correctly in Britain English. So what you waiting for,  go and get this app from Google play right now .

★ Google Translate

Alright ! You might be thinking that why I don’t mention Google Translate App first on the top list ? Yeah of course this app has officially launched by Google Team and has millions of feature to describe. Where you can translate one words , whole sentences and even paragraph from different languages to one another. It’s has also pronunciation feature and you can reverse the translate etc. But the only thing I didn’t like about this app, is you have must Internet accessible in your mobile. All I meant to say that it’s a online translator or you can say online dictionary. Any how for me, it’s fantastic, awesome because I personally used it from very long time and still using . So what you looking for , go and grab that from store.

★ Urdu Dictionary

The last one ‘Urdu Dictionary’ which is best one to learn English words easily. It’s offer both English to urdu & urdu to English meaning or translation. And having lot of features like as mentioned above but if you are new in field of English and just know urdu terms then it’s for you. Make some urdu sentences in your own words and then using this app , translate it in English which will help you lot to understand English slowly slowly. So to download this dictionary, make search of exact ‘urdu dictionary’ in Google plat store and then install it on your phone. Enjoy learning !

urdu dictionary

So finally these were best english dictionary for android users in Google play store ever. It’s upto you which one you like most and want to download on your mobile. Ok enjoy different kinds of urdu English dictionary while on the go and if you have any question then feel free to ask using below comment section. Thanks for Reading keep visiting for more stuff

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