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Easy Ways To Get .Edu & .Gov Backlink 2016-17 ? [7 Steps]

Since backlinks are significant factor in terms of Seo but unfortunately, most of the new bloggers including me didn’t recognized their value and importance. I saw most of the newbies only pay attention to write quality and lengthy article for their blogs and believe that it is only the way to increase traffics. In fact, quality contents matters but only if you have some high page rank backlinks pointing to your site especially to your articles. You will be never ever successful to achieve ranking in search engine without quality backlinks even if you have tons of quality contents on your site.

Yeah of course, those backlinks who passes juice link called do follow backlink are all important whether it could be any TLD (Top Level Domain) but most often Seo experts suggest that backlink of .Edu & .Gov are extremely mandatory. Websites of universities, colleges and institutes have top level domain with .edu extension where thousands of students trusted on it thus becomes trusted in eyes of search engine as well. Similarly, websites of governments comes with .gov TLD which have strong backlink enough for our site once we gain it. Obviously, when peoples trust on such websites then what’s wrong with search engines ? That’s why lot of folks trying to get .edu & .gov backlink at any cost to rank their sites higher.

But there are some beginners out there who don’t know how to get backlink from .gov & .edu websites. For this purpose, I’m here and will teach you how to find those top level domain means with .edu & .gov. Lets started with simple steps,

7 Steps to get .gov & .edu backlink

  1. First of all visit the website and create your account.
  2. After logging in, type any of your keywords in box and then change Any TLD option whether to .edu or .gov .
  3. Now choose any Category and Footprint that makes it easy for you to get backlink quickly.
  4. My personal recommendation would be to select category as “Comments backlinks” and footprint as “Intense Debate’.
  5. Now then, hit the search button and you will see .edu & .gov domains in Google search page just visit one by one and leave your comments.
  6. Leave a good comments that makes some sense about article / contents thus admin will must approved it.

Keep doing this as long as you can and leave 10 comments everyday on those websites. InshAllah you will sooner gain .edu & .gov backlinks within 15 days approximately. Always use intense debate as footprint because when you leave comment on such website uses this plugin will be directly published and it will be count as dofollow. That’s how simple is that and if you know some others ways moreover, kindly share with us to help others and will be thankful to you. Don’t forget to subscribe us and share it with your friends because sharing is caring!

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