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Content is the king – How to Write Seo Friendly Content 2016

Writing, creating, editing and managing high quality and seo friendly content is hard and time consuming. Contents is the power of a website and thus ranked up due to thier high qualities and uniqueness. A page may includes videos, links, images, graphics and animations etc but tell you what keep these things at one side and contents at other side, you will find contents is more useful, helpful and powerful at all. If you want to drive organic traffics from all other search engines, content will really help you in that case. Remember that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo indexed those pages quickly who have unique seo contents and once they obeys their guidelines rules like keywords density, copyrighted materials etc.

Here the question is, if a website like YouTube and Dailymotion only host videos not an contents then why they are much popular? I don’t know the right answer of this question but tell you what in my opinion,  they have a millions more videos to watch and nowadays everybody love to watch and learn from video’s therfore they have now billions monthly visitors. But remember here that more visitors of these names website comes from directly or from social media like advertising system, less of visitors comes from search engines to those websites if you thought ever.

Nowadays thousands of articles, contents, forums and even books tells us the same topics like how to make your site Seo friendly?  Yeah no doubt that content is the king but the time when lot of webmaster used duplicate content and drive traffics towards them is now finally past. Now the only way left is to create unique, high quality and search engine friendly content will help you to increase your organic traffics and site popularity.

Search engines may penalize those websites who have duplicated, syndicated and irrelevant contents on their site. They are get given red flags by search engines which results in loss of organic traffics.

★ High Quality Content – Seo Friendly

If you are really serious about high quality contents, you must have a useful information either its about anything related to your niche. For example, if someone looking for information on Internet they must use search engine like Google, they will put specific keywords or phrases in Google search box and then he will figuring out specific website (appearing snippets in first page of Google) which may have well optimized meta tag, should have well optimized title of page and optimized keywords aswell.

Most search engines are become now starter and more starter,  they are able to understand grammars error and complete phrases. So while ranking a website, these factors matters that how much rich content available on a page.

★ Tips for Seo Friendly Content

Writing Seo friendly content is not an difficult task anymore. Seo copy content involves main targeting keywords in article or an keywords phrases as well. So here are the some useful tips while creating copy Seo content

  • content should be directed for the specified target audience.
  • Make sure that your content didn’t exceed density of keywords as per search engines required.
  • Title is most important here, it’s should be eye catcher for readers and sounds like something special here in a page.
  • Do not use a complex language, don’t confuse your reader with irresponsible language. Make your statements short and easy to understand.
  • Keep your content short and do not pull all article in a single web page. So write one topic in single page which is easy for readers.
  • Divide your content into short paragraph for better understanding.

★ Some other advantages of Seo content

It’s not only upto Seo content, there are several other factors due to which your site may become a popular.

  • If your site have something really unique and well ranked up then peoples would may suggest it to their friends.
  • Due to rich contents, other webmasters would like to create backlinks to your site on their website.
  • Your site visitors will start trusting on you and your site and keep your visitors eager for next coming up articles or tutorials.
  • Assuming you have been listed out by any Search Engine but net surfer will click only that page whose content snippet would look more unique and interesting.

So finally my last advice is that content of your page is read by peoples is more better then read by bot. So keep focusing on your content and guidelines of Seo. If you found this post helpful, then please share it with your friends because sharing is caring.

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