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How to See Chrome Saved Passwords – Hack Passwords

Today I’m gonna show you one amazing trick that is really surprise you when you done it . Actually the trick is if someone has login to any social media account from your computer or from office or net cafe , then by mistakenly they left saved password then you can probably see this saved password by one method that today I’m going to share with you . You can just not only grab his password but also you can snatch account of him which mean you are almost know how to hack account . So remember this whole method only work on Google Chrome browser maybe work on others browser but you have to advanced yourself if you want to do .

If you see whenever we login to Facebook , Gmail , twitter or anything else account and ticked the remember me option then even despite the  logging out , anyone can see saved password in form of asterisk in password box areas next to username / email . Now how to turn asterisk in text , today we will going to learn this trick and my whole post mean is almost that . So this trick is very very easy it’s take approximately seconds to do that but what you have to do is carefully understand the simple steps that I’m going to listed with you below .

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★ How to view saved password in chrome

Now if you want to hack account with the help of saved password in shape of asterisk then here I will use Facebook as a example to provide you better understanding so follow the steps to begin forward

Open Facebook where you claimed saved password left by user mistakenly .

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==> For example when I open Facebook there I have some asterisk code which is saved by me so we can find out what terms is inside asterisk Follow screen shot to understand better

==> Now in screen shot you can see asterisk code so select the all asterisk and then right click > Inspect element.

Inside inspect element you can see the highlighted one line code , so what you have to do is double click on ‘ type= “password” see screen shot below

And then the very next step is replace the ‘password’ into ‘text’ term and hit the enter button to save it .

Now the saved password will  automatically be appeared in password box which is in asterisk code  .

Thats it , this is how we can view the password of other user who saved it unfortunately and you can login to his / her account easily and now finally his / her account is on your hand at all  .

Note : This method is just not only limited for facebook but also you can find easily save password on Gmail , MSN , Yahoo and such others Sites for this purpose .

Final words

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