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Characteristics And History of C Language

C language was developed in 1970 by Dennis Ritchie at bell telephone laboratories ( called AT&T bell laboratories . ) Actually C language is the hybrid of two previous programing languages , BCPL ( Basic Combined Programming languages ) and B . Both BCPL and B were ” typeless” languages.  In order to improve the features of these two languages,  Ritchie combined these two languages and developed C .

In 1978 , Brain Kernighan and Ritchie published a definitive description of the language referred to as K&R version of C . By the mid of 1980s,  the popularity of C had become widespread , Numerous C compilers and interpreters had been written for different operating systems , which lead to incompatibility . To overcome this problem , an ANSI ( American National Standard Institute ) introduced a standard version of C , referred to as ANSI C .


The following are the features of C language
1) C is an All – purpose programming language.  It is equally suitable for solving scientific and engineering problems as well as for business applications .

2) C is efficient programming language i.e it convert the program into machine code more efficiently .

3) C is flexible programming language . By writing additional new library functions by yourself , you can extend the features of the language .

4) C is portable language i.e C program can be executed on any make of computers i.e C program are the machine – independent programs.

5) C is mid level language i.e it contains the features of both low level language and high level language .

6) C is rich in operators . It has a powerful set of operators .

7) C has many library functions.

8) C is close to hardware .

9) Computer games can be developed by using the powerful features of sound and graphics .

10) one of the most powerful features of C language is address manipulation . This is done via pointers .

11) C is available on any make and size of computers including mainframe , mini and micro computers .

So above is the features and characteristics of C language , maybe there is more features of C language but I figure out some famous with you .

Final words

I just shared this knowledge with my site viewers just because I am computer science student and C is my subject in college so whatever knowledge I will get about C  , I will shared it with you in form of tutorials InshaAllah . So please subscribe us to see our site updated and don’t forget to share this post along with your friends at your favourite social media . THANKS KEEP VISITING

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