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Best Way to Get PR 6-7 Backlink from Tumblr 2016-17

Tumblr is very well known micro-blogging platform just like other famous social networking sites for example; Linkidin,Reddit. It is very much popular social site among those peoples who are willing to share  multimedia and short contents to their blogs. What is Tumblr ? How its works ? You can find all answers related tumblr from Wikipedia. Since this is very long interesting story and couldn’t be define here now just let talk about our today topic which is about getting backlink from tumblr.

As we know Tumblr got Google PR7 with the Alexa rank of 41 around the globe which obviously means how much strong backlink it will be for our blog/site. But the question is how we can get PR7 backlink from tubmlr ? If you are serious and want to acquire strong backlink worth of PR 7 from tubmlr, then I will recommend you this short article. Lets follow how ?

What is Backlink ?

Backlink is still important factor of today in Seo,s world and consider backbone of search engine and their optimization. Don’t want to exceed the article but tell you what, gaining high PR backlink have so mean to search engine. For example, if you got PR7 backlink from tumblr pointing to your site, you got more powerful backlink more better than 500 shitty links pagerank of 0-1. This is how strong and power of high pagerank site, now lets move to main steps of today post.

6 Steps to Get Backlink From Tubmlr

  1. First of all Visit .
  2. Simply sign up if you don’t have account and then after email confirmation, login to your account.
  3. After logging in, You will be redirected to your empty dashboard because you don’t have any followers or neither following by you.
  4. Click Account icon at the right of the top and hit new blog to create.get backlink tumblr
  5. Now fill the form and create blog. (Remember: Use same title as your real blog have)
  6. Now start posting on your tumblr blog for example; drop your site link with related hashtags or upload eyecathing imgages/giffs with your site link).get backlink from tumblr
  7. Finally customize your tumblr blog profile stylish and add some stuff to get juicy link back to your site.tumblr profile for seo

Keep in mind that getting backlink quickly depends on how much followers you have, how much likes you receive on your giffs/links etc. So for this purpose, start following other blogs, keep reblogging other images/giffs and stuffs, even I will recommend you to like others images & giffs means more likes you do, more link pointing to your tumblr blog and thus tumblr will give your strong tons of backlinks to your own blog. Keep doing such practicing daily and InshAllah you will see much difference in your search ranking soon.

One of the Eye-catching Giff

One of the Eye-catching Giff

That’s it, this is how to get super backlink worth of PR7 from tumblr network. If you have something to say then please feel free to leave your comments. Lets see whats on your mind

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