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Best Strategies To Improve Google PR & Alexa Rank 2016

Getting your blog first onto Google page is necessary goal of every webmasters once if they are serious on blogging or promoting their business online. It’s really difficult to get Google page rank quickly but not impossible. Many of webmaster lose courage after months of hard working. Do not lose your hope and courage anymore because today you will be able to learn some tips and strategies here in this post to get listed your blog/website first on Google page.

Getting your blog or website into first three position on Google page create more chances to receive large number of clicks and impressions as well.  So achieving this, you have to work so hard and will work on so many factors.

Depending on the numbers of high quality backlinks, on traffics, better search position and those other factors due to which a site earn ranking from Google worth of popularity as well.

This is called “Page Rank”. The higher your page rank from 1 to 5; the better your popularity.

The another thing is alexa ranking which indicates the traffics of your site and gives you idea about whether your site ranking increasing or going down. From this, you can easily find out site popularity. Site below with  200,000 alexa rank are considered popular.

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★ Signs of Popular Sites

Following are the sign that you will notice when your blog getting success

  • You may receiving numbers of real comments and at the other hand other bloggers gives you automatically backlinks to your site.
  • Google Adsense or other advertising networks will approved your application once they notice you have traffics. The private advertisers will contact you to exchange banner or text link etc.
  • You can start online income with advertising and affiliates programs. You can even sell your own products once if you have traffics and quality products.

★ Increase Google PR and Alexa Rank

To increase both Google page rank and alexa ranking then you have to do hard work. It’s depends on how smart your work or how much quality contents you have. So at all following are some tips to improve both of ranking

  • Always ping your blog post, interlink your posts with pages and interlink your external blog if you have
  • Do not target high competition keywords in Google search rather than compete with medium or lower search keywords because it’s hard to target high keywords at the beginning.  This way will earn high rank for you.
  • Getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites really help you in SERP. Share your post in these sites because they have already got PR 8,9 something like that. So you need to add social plugins to your site for that purpose.
  • Write for articles directory and don’t forget to leave your blog URL with signature.
  • Participate with relevant forums and also leave your URL with signature.
  • Exchange your blog link with other high PR blogs for blogroll link. They have to shares relevant topics and well ranked site usually do then do it.
  • Leave your comments particularly in high PR blogs who have do follow links.

These were some tips and strategies to work on getting Google page rank and improving alexa rank. Apply above all tips on your blog and hope you will getting better results InshaAllah. Please kindly if you have any questions and queries then let me know by using comment box below.

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