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Top 5 Best App for Learning English Android 2016-17

We should not neglect importance of all other languages but tell you what English language is an international business language which is now most widely speaking language in all part of the world’s. In school, colleges even at university levels you have to read alot of books included English books and even all other science books written in English language , so that’s tell us how important English language is .

There are huge numbers of English institute in all countries , cities even in towns which is not an part of education field but they have paid courses where you can read, learn English books and have to pay. But unfortunately we get bored while reading books and don’t want to get charged ourself , therefore today in this post we gonna review about those apps for android which will really gonna improve our English language skill and strategy .

After installing these apps you will be able to learn English with grammar on the go . Wherever , whenever  you can improve and  learn English from these apps without internet connection .

★ List of 5 best English language apps

I personally used some of popular app for improving my English and also with the help of these app , I sometime get some difficult words to use in my post . So which mean if you are blogger and want to write for your blog then you should prepare well post with good grammatical English ability .So these all Apps are available at Google Play Store if you want to download .

★ English Conversation Practice

Now get your English skill better with with English Conversation Practice app . Here in this app there are thousands of conversation where you can learn listening and speaking conversation and it will help you to learn both skill . There are online and offline conversation which mean whenever you are connected to internet , you don’t need to download audio pack whereas in offline mode you have must download audio pack to listen conversation and speaking .

★ Learn English 6000 Words

The another English language app called learn English 6000 words . Here you can learn with very good vocabulary words translated into most famous language aswell. Most of peoples are listening English music , some are chatting with foreign friends so this app will prepare you like British English native .

★ Speak English Daily

If you want to learn how to spoke English in daily life then you should review on this app and its very helpful app for spoken English language . It’s has more lessons with audio file where if you want to listen audio file offline then you should download it from setting and enjoy offline while listening it .

★ English Tenses

When its comes to learning English language , tenses plays very important role and should everyone knows how important it is . This app will help you to learn all the tenses of English very easily and effectively which will be remembered once and useful for lifetime . All the tenses were included with active and passive voice as well .

★ How to Speak Real English

Finally I brought you one of the amazing app to learn how to speak English. With the help of speak real English app you will be able to speak English without fearless with any natives of English speakers. Here in this app thousand of tenses , vocabulary , audio video files are been included , so whenever you want to learn and improve your English strategy , you can use this app for improvements of English language even on the go .

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  1. I use ‘speak english daily’ app sometimes. It’s really good and comfortable to speak english after using the app. Good suggestion.

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