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10 Vital Steps to Become a Successful Entrepreneur 2016-17

To becomes an successful entrepreneur mostly depends on luck,hard work and on patience.  Before discussing the long and vital things about successful entrepreneur, lets clear the confusion of exact definition of word ‘Entrepreneur’. In our opinion, there are different definition of that word but as most expert advocate says’ The word ‘Entrepreneur’ is an French origin called ‘Entreprendre’. Now recently in 1900, we called in ‘Entrepreneur’ in our English language. However, Lets get down to read fact ,

While searching best definition of entrepreneur through web, we get to know best of best definition of that word. I personally searched for it and found various definition in some part of web which makes me confused about it and finally think to share with you guys. Squeezing all various definition, the word Entrepreneur mean ” To start a business which acquire supportive hands of humans and required some financial (Money) and some resources but there is no guarantee of successful and failure”. The risk on your own that’s why a lot of people fear to start their own business and doing part time job with boss.

If we look & think on the history of some successful and famous entrepreneurs of the time, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg whose successfully achieved their goal in early life and some of those did late in their life. This is because of Patience, hard working and even they tries again and again to discover something new
something unique. They have had all such characteristics which obviously lead them all to the way of success and thus becomes successful entrepreneur.

successful entrepreneur

Business is business whether small or big, online or offline. There is no magic to grow up your business to the peak instantly rather you should need to wait and work hard discover some unique ideas, you must have skills with experience. You must have ability of taking risk at some major points for example when it comes to investing some money on your new business. And of-course, you should have some good qualities being a successful entrepreneur and have active clever mind to develop mind blowing ideas which tend to creates splash (Dhoom) in world of technology. entrepreneur

So here are the main key points which should be taken as a consideration in order to start new business platform.

★ How to Become Successful in Business

★ 1. Know Your Strength / Skill

This is first and important point should be kept in mind before starting a new business. Think about your skill and strength you are intending to show to the world especially to your Audience. Think twice and ask yourself how good you learned and can develop more ? Is there any demand of your acquired skill that your whole business is about ? Do you think you can help other people or what they are really interesting on or expected such a business needs ? Remember you are going to start new business and aks yourself above questions again n again. Once you satisfied from all those question then you are good to go.

★ 2. Start a Business – build a Community

Initially start small business with the name of Almighty Allah and do some researches whether your audience are interesting on your work/business or not. To grab attention of your audience, open some offices in different cities, build the communities for help and arrange some expo / meeting t your audience.

★ 3. Promote your Business online

Internet marketing is the best way to promote your business with your target audience. You can use Google adword and Facebook advertising option for this purpose.

★ 4. Impress your Audience

Develop our design something new and special which shows that your business or brand is trustworthy. Sometimes attitude of a person inspire millions peoples and thus becomes those peoples turns into real audience.

★ 5. Make Use of Internet to Get Inspirational Ideas

Most of the entrepreneur use internet for getting useful information about their business. You need to use it too and read all the successful entrepreneurs stories and follow their precious instruction. Discover some of the
inspirational ideas on the internet and I will suggest you to make some audience online on the internet. Ask some expert online and get some help, this will give you best startup to your business in a right way.

★ 6. Use and Follow Money

Starting a successful business needs a strong base. A strong base need some money to be invested on it. This is quite bitter that in beginning of new business, you will need to spend some money to make business successful. You can also borrow money or get loan from bank.

★ 7. Never Do Showing off – Show up

In a business, its common that honest people becomes an successful entrepreneur nor burglar. Avoid yourself from any kind of showing off otherwise you will be responsible of your own failure. Instead of doing showing off,
show up and listen to your audience and get feedback from them.

★ 8. Understand Up and Down Changes

It fact that up and down happens in a business but all you have to do is fight until to last. Keep your head up and be mindful & patience. Note down your errors and start working to fix them. InshAllah you will find positive changes soon.

★ 9. Keep Going & Trust on Almighty Allah

Its obvious that doing trust on Allah will give you best success more than our expectation. So head up and keep the momentum going on for long till you becomes a successful entrepreneur.

★ 10. Get Your Reward – Take a bow

Starting a new business is such a risky action and stressful situation at the beginning but high on reward. Once if you becomes a successful entrepreneur, you will be awarded more than you thought even will not handle it. Take a
bow and finally we will end up with most famous quote ” Patience is a virtue”. True said.

Now lets hear you voice buddies and tell us do you find this post helpful ? Your opinions will be highly appreciated.

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