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Basic underdstanding of Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) for Beginner

Importance of Seo ( Search Engine Optimization ) only and only knows blogger , developer and web master . SEO is short term of Search Engine Optimization Without Seo you are never satisfied from your own website even it has alot of quality and unique content . Become a new blogger you actually don’t know about Seo and its important your are like a new baby born . And result is that sometimes your own blog become headache for you instead of earning from your blog and your are going to be very deeply in thinking that I spent money on Web hosting and buying domain so what about that ? How I get started my business the first thing is that any blogger or web master trying to reach for his goal and they are searching for learning Seo to get better result .

Just you need to be patience in that piece of working I see alot of peoples that they are failed to achieve his goals for example there is a blogger he or she spent a money to buying a premium themes and create an a stunning blog they are also wrote an articles for his/her blog . After whiles they activated ad on his/her website but after few months they didn’t get some result like traffics come from search engines and other source. so at this time you should be patience, looking for seo, looking for your competitive websites and looking for better keywords that your competitive used instead of leaving your job your need to do hard work so don’t lose your hope once day your rank will be better . So Im going to share useful information along with you which help you in Seo Marketing.

Basic Understanding of Seo for Beginner

If you want to become a good blogger then you should never mind little things in industry of search engine optimization you need to follow all tips whether its small or big that belong from Seo you never think that this little things nothing can do in my success.

Importance of Page Title

Page title is everything its play very important role in industry of search engine. Page title is short tweet for searcher that contain 48 characters most search engine use a maximum 60 characters. Someone search keywords and that keyword is in your page title and also used in page description so if your Google page rank is under top 10 then its must be your turn for example someone type the keyword New York and your Google page rank is under top 10 and your Serp ranking is better then this keyword is must going in your rights. So my main points is that Page title is 80% play role along with page description and keywords. Page title is always look blue coloured thats mean they found your keywords in page title.

Importance of Page Description

Page Description plays another very important role in search engine optimization. Do not ignore Page description because they work like Page Title for example if you are looking for specific things and your going to search keywords related with this
thing in search engine so there you noticed that your keyword is shown in Page title ,URLs , page description and underneath some links and that keywords are shown in different colours . Page title is shown in blue colour, Page description is black and url is an green colour. Page description gives to searcher a brief message about your specific things its contain 150 characters and most search engine use 160 characters.

Importance of Page URLs

We should never neglected the importance of URLs which plays very important role in website marketing . Urls is most common part of Search Engine Optimization many urls contains long and short . For Seo you should put long urls which covered you page titles , page description and page keywords. In search engine you can see the urls is an green colour its help you to rank better other than you keywords. You should look for deep keyword about your niche and put that keywords terms into your urls so its help you better than separate keywords.

Importance of Page Keywords

Page keywords is another most common things that help you to find out your blog into popular search engine. One searchable keyword is better than more because if you typed a dozens of keyword for one topic its sometime confused search engine . So its better to use one focus keyword to your topic which is available at page title , page description and mostly use in urls .

In search engine you will noticed that keyword search by you are often described in bold black colour at page title , page description and urls. you can find out specific keyword for your niche using keyword research tool like Google Ad-word is quite often popular for that purpose.

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