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Top 3 Alternatives of Google Webmaster Tools 2016-17

Being a Webmaster everyone have must know what is Google Webmaster tool and what is this for ? In simple words Google Webmaster is a tool which manipulate and indexed your Website and help to make searchable and find out in Google search engine by different keywords used by searcher . It is just not only limited to find out you in search engine but also Google Webmaster tools is one of the biggest part of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) as well as increase your revenues from your site that is what every webmasters looking for .

There is no doubt that Google search engine is father of all search engines and after that there is lot more search engines  which we shouldn’t be ignored because they have millions of daily users which use use these search engines instead of Google .  As Google have introduced tool which help webmasters to find and indexed their websites called Google Webmaster tool , as same likewise there are such other search engines whose also introduced webmasters tool facility to their users as well .

So today in this post I will clearly show you top 3 alternative of Google Webmaster tool which is very important like Google Webmaster tool which is following

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★ Alternatives of Google Webmaster tools

Before I listed these tools with you I want to notify you that these site’s is providing best Seo audit and information but you have to paid for this except bing webmaster tool but don’t worry they offer free trial of first 30 days from which you can get lot of useful information and other Seo related things just like in Google Webmaster tool . So following is the Seo tools

1# Bing Webmaster Tools :

I think this is 2nd most popular search engine after Google. Yahoo and bing webmaster tool is now one . So both Seo tools has also classic search engine tool for webmasters who want to drive traffics from bing and yahoo search engines as well . I think you don’t recognised the difference between bing webmaster tool and Google Webmaster tool just because the competitions between them .

So you should register your site with bing webmaster tool if you need traffics from bing plus yahoo search  and remember bing is 2nd most popular search engine and have millions of monthly user .You can see the screen shot of this tools below

2# Raven Seo Tools :

Of course here at raven-seo you can get benefits of keywords research tool along with whole site optimization . This is really interesting search engine optimization tool that will provide you even more instructions from Google and bing tools . There is no doubt that Google and bing engines leading to first but you have to take advantage from other Seo tools also . You can also connect your Google Analytics with it. I suggest you to try this Seo tool and just you see the changes after months you will be surprised . You can see the preview of this tools below

3# Linkdex.Com

Premium but really help you to understand whats happening and going on with your site . It has a wonderful dashboard and one most interesting thing I have found in this Seo tools is keywords research tool . I think is one of the most important Seo tools ever that will totally manage your site . So finally I suggest you don’t miss to take full advantage from this Seo tool . You can see the preview of this amazing tools below


Final Words :

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