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How to Make Money with Dailymotion 2016-17

Dailymotion is a world second highest video sharing website after YouTube. It was developed and founded by Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey in France on march 2005 . Basically, Dailymotion is a website where user can upload, watch and shares video same like YouTube.A So question is how we can make money with dailymotion? Well, we can make money with dailymotion but first we should have need to know some basics before getting started.

There are three different ways to monetize your dailymotion channel which allows you to earn revenue from your videos and some other features. Those three monetization programs are

  1. Video Monetization
  2. Paid Content
  3. Website Monetization

1. Make Money with Video Monetization

Video monetization program offer awesome opportunity for everyone who have unique videos to earn decent income while uploading it to dailymotion channels and have video monetization program enabled. Every views to uploaded videos (once it served with-in stream advertisement) will be turned into revenue and more views raise, the more revenue generates. There is various option through which you can serve ad before starting of video, during video or after video.

This is first and easy way to start earning money from your videos without any restriction. If you know or have some skill to create astonishing videos, then this program is for you. It requires nothing to get started with it but all you have to do is make your own videos, upload it to your channel and share it with world to get views / money. Remember, do not upload videos of others because uploading copyrighted videos are prohibited and your account will be banned in result. To apply for video monetization program as a publisher click on

Get started with Video Monetization

2. Make Money with Paid Content

Paid content program is little bit hard to start with but high in reward once you are in. What is mean by paid content? Well, in short, if you want to rent your unique videos or offering channel for monthly subscription basis to customers who are paying for it, then audience or customer will sooner make deal with you if they are interested on your content. You can put price on content as it worth of which may helps customers easily.

It only works when you have quality contents or videos on your channel (always remember do not upload any copyrighted video to your channel). Once you become a member, start uploading quality content / videos and create pricing scheme according to it. Customer will lets you know when they need your content or videos for rent whether on monthly basis or else.

Make Money with Website Monetization

A lot of web owner especially blogger make good amount of money with dailymotion website monetization program. It is very simple and easy, if you have a blog along with video tutorials then you can easily put stream advertisement on your video through which you can earn huge income called ‘website monetization’ offered by dailymotion.

You can place embedded videos anywhere on your site wherever you want. Dailymotion offer widget for this purpose which can ease your work and you can also use embedded video on your relevant contents.

This offer is highly recommended for those who are making video tutorial for their blog / website. Its extra revenue just like a bonus so don’t miss opportunity like this anymore and if you still haven’t join this offer, don’t worry, click on link to join it from today


These were the three distinct ways through which you can easily monetize your videos with dailymotion. Now you have better opportunity to make money from video with dailymotion monetization program without any tough restriction.

OK that’s it and let me know if you have something to say and waiting for your precious comments. I love to response to my readers.

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  1. how i can increase my videos views and make followers?
    kindly help

  2. can any body help me how to make channel live stream?

  3. Hi,
    I have channel on DailyMotion and i have monetize videos with dailymoiton. But my problem is that how i can verify website…. and my bank details also still pending from 1 month. Please solve my these two problems. I shall be very thankful to you.

  4. Aslam o alaikum saeed bhai mene monetization enable kr di ha aur 15 videos b upload ki hain aur views b 1500 hain lkn abi tk earning start nhi hui ye kia wja ha?

  5. hi,
    i have a channel on dailymotion,i just want to know that on how many views i will be able to get money or on how many views my payment statement will generated?on how many views $100 generated?please give me a clear and detailed reply

  6. I am not web designer but i do know that dailymotion dont pay for viewers the impression counts on dailymotion and time

  7. Hello Saeed bhai,you are doing a great job …you are helping people out in there online earning streams …

    I’ve a dailymotion channel with the name of Rocking and Shocking …I started this channel 1 year ago ..and i have already received upto $537 via Payoneer …I have 60,000 daily video views …but since last November my earning is not updating …I don’t know why this happening…. do you have any idea about it ….??

    helpful reply will be highly appreciated …

  8. I am also using dailymotion partner. My channel is “infoandlearn” my channel has 7000 video views but earnings are only a few cents. $0.43

    Dailymotion is my second choice . YOutube is blocked in pakistan so Dailymotion is the one way for pakistani but it don’t count actuall impressions. Why?

  9. You’ve really made some amazing points in this article. I m finally successful in finding something amazing 🙂 I am grateful that i reached here..

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