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3 Ways to Make Money Through Facebook Page 2016 Updated

Hey mates , we all know Facebook is one most common website consider in a strongest social media platform . Facebook is second most popular website in all over world by ranking , by name and by everything . As Google grab first position in world as well as Facebook stay on 2nd position in alexa ranking competition . So I think in 7.046 billion population of world in earth , every third person touch with Facebook platform .

So today our main topic is how we can make money through Facebook . Yeh in daily life if billions of user use Facebook then their may must have upportunaty to make money using Facebook page . We have already shared topic about how to create Facebook page once you don’t know how to create it . To read full story about creating Facebook page click on

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 Make money through Facebook page ?

Now it is possible to make money in home by different methods but one of the most easiest way to make money in home is Facebook page . But the question is how we can make money through Facebook page ?

Before making money through Facebook page you can need some hard work for example if you have Facebook page and Don’t have likes of pages then how it is possible to make money ? So before starting your business first of all you need to increase your Facebook likes and that likes cost some real money .

There’s an a option of advertising your page in every single Facebook page so if the page manager want to increase their page likes then they spent some real money and get likes behalf of money . And if you want to get free likes without spending real money then you need some more hard work . We already shared article about this topic that how we can get free likes if you like to read then click on

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 So there is an three possible ways to earn money which are following :

  1.   Advertising
  2.  Selling products or items
  3.   Generating Legal traffics

 Advertising :

Once if your page have maximum and large number of likes then you are probably Ready for advertise someone page by sharing or telling yours page likers and you already know advertising someone pages / websites is not on free so you can take advantage from your page in that kind of situation which mean you can earn money through advertising someone pages or websites or anything else.

 Selling products or Items :

Selling products or items is very fabulous opportunity Nowadays in market of Facebook. If you have new brands or product and want to sell it then you just simply upload picture of that item and tell people’s how much price of this then the buyers will contact you through inbox . Another ways of selling product is that if any company’s want to sell their products maybe they asked to you . So you can get decent benefits from your page.

 Generating traffics :

This is another common way to earn money through generating traffics to other site by sharing his link on your Facebook page . It’s also legal way to move people’s from your page to other websites . In that the website ranking and earning from ads will also benefits to both . So there are more other ways that you can earn money from Facebook page but this was common ways that people’s used Nowadays .

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