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3 Tools To Check Website Blacklist 2016-17

It’s really sad news when you become to know that your website or blog are on a blacklist. When Google put your website or blog on a blacklist then its really bad time comes to up. There are many things that pulls your site onto a blacklist which you even don’t know about it. There are many ways to check either your website is on blacklisted or not. A lot of websites and blogs becomes a blacklisted either these websites got hacked or having such a malware software hosted by them.

whenever you notice that your site ranking goes down or either you loss a traffics more than expected, then suddenly check your site isn’t on blacklisted. I heard that when a site is on blacklisted, they loss 95% organic traffics from different search engines and these sites are considered as a ‘spam sending’ or ‘malware hosted’ something like that.

By default when Google notice that your on blacklisted, then they send you message in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) once if your site is registered with it. But unfortunately most of time they didn’t send you any message related to this finally many webmaster ignore it.

Another thing that may cause issue of blacklisted that is WordPress plugins. If you have a word press blog, there are some unknown plugins which is not good for site and thus create a problems to site as become a blacklisted. So you have to care too much while installing plugins in your word-press site.

★ Tools to Check Website Blacklisted?

Last year Google penalized thousands of WordPress sites due to those plugins which have been considered as a harmful or hosted malware which is not good for search engines point of view.

So below I’m going to listed three websites, which will show you blacklisted report about your site.

★ 1.

The Mxtoolbox Blacklist test will check your mail IP address against over 100 DNS based email blacklists. This is free online tool just go there and put your domain name, hosting ip address etc then they will let you know about ip address, mail server address and hosting ip address test of blacklisted. MxToolBox have such ability of troubleshooting a issues as well they will tell you how to resolves your issues manually for free. This is the first and best website , tool to test your website that’s why I listed it first.

★ 2. is another testing website which have a classic tool of checking blacklisted information about a site. If you want to test your site, then simply visit site and put down your domain or IP in box then hit check button. After then, the testing will take just seconds and will show you drop down results against hundreds based dns email blacklist. If your site are on a blacklisted, then in result you will see listed in red next to block list databases.

★ 3.

WhatismyIPaddress is a handy site and popular site that check a lot of things among them your IP ADDRESS and blacklist checking etc. So if you wanna check your ip address blacklist or your hosting server ip address then visit the site and simply enter your IP address in box and hit check blacklist. Now after some seconds, you will see blacklist status, red icons show you blacklisted sign , now check that red icons carefully first to blacklist databases.

These were the best websites to check whether your websites or blog are on blacklisted or not? Remember these websites will nor remove your site from any blacklist, rather than they will guide you that how to remove it manually. So if you have any questions and queries then please let me know using comments box below Thanks

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